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Your Homes Value


By Pete Chaison

The last two articles I wrote invoked a lot of interesting emails, phone calls and conversations all of which I enjoyed.  The premise of the article was “on” the market versus “in” the market.  In many of the conversations of last week and even today, I stressed no matter what you think your home is worth, ultimately it is the buyer who dictates the value.  

If you own a fabulous piece of artwork, an antique or collectable car, a rare and classic watch and yes your home too,  the value of each one of these is not what you have an appraisal for, nor your insurance policy value. It is always what a buyer will pay you at the current time.  In the majority of cases the owner or seller typically thinks his asset has a higher value than the buyer does.  Buyers today have access to so much more data and information regarding historical prices and current prices.  Because of this, your average buyer is more informed than years past.  Technology, product and information are out there for everyone to see. This data sits on public sites that are both government and company websites.  Everyone is familiar with Zillow, Triula, Yahoo and Google.  They all are owned, maintained and governed by corporate structure.  


One of the main premises, of the business model and success of Savannah List for Less is all predicated on today’s technology and information being out there for everyone to see, view and analyze.  We as REALTORS want our sellers to get the fairest and highest value for their home and asset as possible.  Applying accurate and current home data does this.  We also use visual recognition with inspection of the home. Other criteria is used to determine the price and value of your home with one of the most important being location and current condition.  Our company is good at what we do and how we determine price.  But it is not an exact science.

There are so many variables and important criteria that go into both selling and buying a home.  Many of the variables are personal and based on family decisions.  It is our job to discuss the many options and strategies, as we always want the homeowner to make his or her decisions with our support and input. I always stress a very important word, that word is comfortable.  Whether buying or selling a home your decision should be based on comfort, your current needs and intended use.  

Unfortunately many of us have purchased a home before the downward trend and have some big personal decisions to make.  They all are unique and should be assessed on a individual basis.  In some cases closure and moving on is the best and smartest thing to do.  In others that may not be the case.  Next week’s article we will touch base on this important topic and decision.

Pete Chaison is co owner of Savannah List for Less and can be reached at either 912.313.2759 or


Written by: Pete Chaison
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