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Realtor Spotlight: Meet Lynda “Lyn” Adamson of Keller Williams Realty


Where did you grow up? I spent most of my childhood in Atlanta, GA , travelling frequently to Savannah, my Mother’s family home, to visit grandparents and extended family.


Spouse:  Hugh Carswell Adamson, DM, (Doctor of Management, Leadership) Chatham County Board of Education, Jenkins High School Engineering Dept; Years married-22


Children :  We are a large International family with 5 children and 9 grandchildren. Our daughter, Darcy and her husband, Jeff Covington live close by in Richmond Hill with sons Kyle, Drew, daughters Chelsea , Rebecca and son Jack. Our four sons and their families are spread across Canada, France and England. Our son Danny Adamson with wife, Sylve and daughter Audrey live in Montreal, Canada, son Gilles Adamson and wife Pat and daughter Thais, sons, Elliott and Valentin, live in the South of France; son Nino Lindley Adamson lives in London, England and son Andrew Adamson lives in Ontario, Canada. You can see why Skype is an absolute necessity for us! While Hugh and I travel to them individually, we especially treasure the rare times we can come together as a family every few years.


What do you enjoy most about living in the Savannah area? I love the incredible beauty and the palpable sense of history which surrounds us. From the Historic District where my mother grew up to Tybee where many of my happiest childhood memories took place, the Savannah area has a unique historic perspective. We live on a Bluff on the Belfast River in Richmond Hill where there is a pile of ballast stone which can be seen at low tide. On a clear day, Sunbury can be seen in the distance. Yesterday, I found 18th century English Staffordshire pottery shards while digging in my front yard! One of our neighbors found several Indian arrowheads on his property! I find it fascinating to think of all the people who have lived on this site before us.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working? As an avid reader, I like history and antiques, philosophy, psychology & spirituality. My Baha’i Faith informs my ethical approach and dedication to “Unity in Diversity”. In 1997 I completed a Fellowship in Ethics at Landegg International University in Weinacht, Switzerland. As YMCA Board Member and past Chairman of the YMCA of Richmond Hill, I am committed to giving back to the greater community. I like to swim, do water aerobics, yoga and ride my bicycle but playing with my grandchildren and “having an adventure” with them is my absolute favorite thing to do! I am listening to French tapes trying to learn French so I can converse with my French grandchildren. Thank goodness they are learning English!

How long have you worked in Real Estate? In Atlanta, I worked for 11 years in Real Estate before owning British American Antiques, an import/export company that operated in Atlanta and in London, England. When Hugh’s job was completed in England, and we moved back to the States in 1998, I began a 13 year career in Mortgage banking in Savannah, so I have been in and around the Real Estate industry in different capacities in Atlanta and Savannah for over 26 years. 

What would you consider your specialty? I really love helping people achieve their goals and their dreams. My understanding of the mortgage industry is an invaluable help when it comes to assisting people find the right home and the right loan. Maneuvering the realities of the changing market in addition to the changing finance world can be challenging. My 26 years of experience and comprehensive understanding of the entire process is indispensible in helping my clients understand each step of the way toward closing.

Do you have any accreditations or certifications? As a former Assistant Professor at the Medical College of Georgia, I am committed to education and “life-long learning”. I am an Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR) and a Seller Representative Specialist (SRS) and will begin my studies for the Graduate Realtor Institute (GRI) designation in the spring.

What is the most challenging/gratifying aspect of what you do? When people go through a major event, and a home purchase is definitely a major event, the way can be greatly assisted by a trusted advocate, a Realtor. Helping to make dreams come true or hopes realized ,whether is a joyful first time purchase or the sale of a home under difficult trying circumstances, my work can be incredibly satisfying. You are part of their special time of moving into a new phase of life. I love being able to help smooth the way and I especially love the moment of realization at the closing when the keys are handed over, the job is done, and they are on their way to new beginnings!

What is the most unique property you’ve ever listed or sold? Early in my Real Estate career, I listed a home built into the side of a hill overlooking the Chattahoochee River in Atlanta. The home was constructed entirely out of exotic woods from all over the world, inside and out, and the price was a premium one. Since it was so unique, we anticipated it would take time to sell. I learned and memorized all the unique features, alerted all the neighbors and advertised for the first open house. As I was taking down the sign one of the neighbors walked over and I reopened the house and showed it to her. She told me she had a friend who might be interested. Her friend turned out to be President and CEO of a major timber company who purchased the home within three days.

Describe your most memorable real estate transaction…Actually, I have to say that the purchase of our present home has been one of the most memorable transactions! We purchased this home because of the view. The home appeared to be a real puzzle. It looked like a ranch that had lowered ceilings, burgundy shag carpet and was rather” chopped up” into small rooms that made little sense to me. While I have renovated many properties, this one did not readily “speak” to me. I thought we would probably have to tear it down and rebuild someday. However, we discovered that it was the original school lunchroom and kitchen of the George Washington Carver School built by the Henry Ford! As with a great many of historic Ford buildings, it was purchased and moved to the site. I was able to research the home through the Richmond Hill Historical Association and thus began the saga of a historic renovation. Our home with its original heart pine, floors, walls and ceilings has become my dream Coastal Cottage. What a gift! We are hanging copies of the photo of the building in situ as well as a copy of a photograph of Henry Ford with George Washington Carver at the dedication of the school in our foyer next to the painting of my Great Aunt Mamie Beytagh, who lived on Liberty Street, where my Mother spent her childhood

What is the one tip you have for someone looking to buy a home today? Consider buying now if at all possible. Interest rates are at an all time low which means you can afford more now than when interest rates go up. It is important to reach out and call for assistance so you can begin the process and find out what is necessary to move forward.

What is the one tip you have for someone looking to sell a home today? You only have one chance to make a first impression. Look at your home from the buyer’s perspective, especially the street appearance and the front door area which should be pristine. Your goal is to allow prospective buyers to imagine this home as their own so you will want to gather up all your tiny mementos and family photos, de-cluttering as much as possible so they can vision themselves in this home. It goes without saying your home must be thoroughly clean especially kitchens and baths.

What do you see in the future for real estate sales/prices? As our inventory falls this year, prices will go up. We have seen a shift in the market as we come off the bottom of the market and anticipate that it will continue. The latest information from our Real Estate Associations are that sales in 2014 will exceed sales in 2013, a good year, and that average home prices should increase 2-4%, due to lower inventory levels. This means we could see an increase in new home construction. 

Why should someone use you as a real estate agent?  First, I have a life long track record of excellence in customer service. I come from a long line of Realtors. My Father was a Commercial Realtor, and my brother, Ben, owns a Real Estate company in FL. My team partner at Keller Williams, is my daughter, Darcy, who was co-owner of a Real estate company in FL. Together we are committed to providing extraordinary care from the start of the process all the way to the closing table. Finance and negotiation are strengths and we understand that both parties must be brought together to have a successful negotiation. Understand the total process from beginning to end helps to inform our clients each step of the way. We are experienced advocates for our clients and rely on customer referrals as our main source of business.

Second, we have aligned ourselves with Keller Williams Realty, a company whose values reflect our own and has the largest market share in Savannah. This philosophy is evidenced this year by winning the top two JD Powers Real Estate Awards! - Highest Satisfaction for Buying for 2012 and Highest Satisfaction for Selling for 2012. If you would like to be one of our satisfied buyers or sellers, please give me a call!


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