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  Home Repairs and the Selling Process
Over the past several years, I have had the privilege of writing for the Savannah Morning News on a weekly basis. I have had many people email me, call or address me in person discussing the articles, and their relevance to the local Savannah market. I am often asked where do I come up with the subjects or ideas for my weekly article? Quite often my response is that it is an issue, topic or situation that comes up during the course of a normal workweek. This week is no different.

  Bringing Indoor Comfort Outside, Make outdoor space an extension of your home
The arrival of summer, along with its sunny skies and beautiful weather, beckons homeowners to create a space to entertain guests and enjoy the great outdoors. Design an outdoor living room that merges style and function, and incorporates elements of indoor comfort.

Selling your Home this Summer? Here’s six upgrades to secure a speedy sale
When the weather warms up, so does the real estate market. Spring and summer are traditionally the seasons when both home buyers and sellers are most active across the country. If you’ll be putting your home on the market this year, simple, cost-effective upgrades can help ensure a speedy sale at a good price.

Outdoor kitchen? Second-floor laundry? How to easily achieve summer’s hottest home improvements
Whether you’re staying in place or planning to take advantage of an improving real estate market to sell your home, spring and summer are upgrade seasons. From adding a bathroom to creating an outdoor kitchen, certain improvements pay off for both homeowners who are selling and those who are staying. And while plumbing challenges, such as breaking through concrete or opening walls, may discourage some people, savvy homeowners know a tried-and-true option solves such problems.

Quick, Easy Ways to Add Curb Appeal & Improved Living Space to Your Home
Looking to add curb appeal to your home and improve your outdoor living spaces? A complete overhaul of your home’s exterior or an addition can be costly and time-consuming.

Moving Mom: Aging-in-Place Smart Technology for Seniors
Whether you want to stay in your home for as long as possible, downsize to a simpler life, or move to a retirement community, there are tools that can improve the quality of your life.

Top 2014 Home Improvement Trends: Smart Homes and Home Automation
From smartphones to smart cars, technology is transforming virtually every aspect of our busy lives. Technologies not only make life easier while on the go, but new options are quickly simplifying life at home as well. Home automation is proving to be a top home improvement trend, making the Jetsons’ futuristic lifestyle more realistic than ever before.

Four Steps for Attacking Garage Organization
Organizing the garage may be one of the most feared tasks in household history. According to a recent Gladiator GarageWorks survey, nearly three out of four households can only park one car in their two-car garage, illustrating the need for a serious garage intervention.

Real Estate Websites
After publication of the article, I received numerous texts and emails from many agents, homebuyers and sellers. All were thanking me for the article and the clarity of resources and data that is out there on the internet for all to view and decipher. In the past, I have also written about “data” and the significance of both the integrity and the source of any data.

  Zillow and the Local Real Estate Market
When it comes to data, statistics and studies I will always try to determine the source of the data, it’s integrity and if applicable the funding source of any studies. I am of the belief that Zillow will use and compile data for the public to view based on public housing and tax records, not direct first hand knowledge of the product or local market.

  Moving Mom…the Next Step Aging-in-Place Smart Technology II
This week I’ll cover some more tech tools that are just plain cool – for your house, or to take with you on the go!

Backyard Projects to Turn the Area into a Treasured Sanctuary
You love the days when you can go home from work, open the windows and enjoy dinner out on the deck. And it sure isn’t hard to rise early on those sunny weekend days to spend all day in the backyard. Those days are here, and it’s time to get outside to spend time with the grill, the garden and the deck.

The Do’s and Don’ts: How to Prime Your Credit Score Before You House Hunt
Spring is traditionally the busiest home-buying season of the year. And this year, with the housing market and economy finally starting to show signs of resurgence, many consumers are looking to buy. But although location, school district and the size of the home are important, many people overlook one of the most important factors of the home buying process - their credit scores.

Listing Your Home with a Moving Mentality
During the listing process of the last several homes we listed, the same conversation came up. Yes, they were different sellers, different neighborhoods and different homes. The premise of the conversation was the sole reason to list and market your home is for you to sell.

Southbridge Greater Savannah Realty Welcomes Sharon Brookshire
Southbridge Greater Savannah Realty Welcomes Sharon Brookshire

Moving Mom…the Next Step Mom’s New Life – an Inspiring Update!
It seems like just yesterday that I wrote about Mom’s move to a retirement community. I shared with you each step, from the moment we both decided it was time, to actually going through the process. It’s hard to believe that was a year and a half ago!

How to Find the Right Real Estate Lawyer
Buying or selling real estate is rarely free of complications. Unforeseen issues often arise during real estate transactions, and in such instances a real estate attorney can prove invaluable. While buyers, sellers or veteran real estate investors might be able to handle minor or routine issues on their own or with the help of their realtor, more complex matters are best left in the hands of a real estate attorney.

Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony to Celebrate Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Legacy’s New Pooler Location
Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony to Celebrate Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Legacy’s New Pooler Location

Selling your Home with an Emotional Attachment
In our real estate careers we have worked with two different and distinct home seller types. They both have the same common objective of selling their home, but the difference is an emotional attachment.

  Three Oaks Realty Co. joins Leverage Global Partners - a Unique International Network of Independent Luxury Real Estate Brokerages
Three Oaks Realty Co. joins Leverage Global Partners - a Unique International Network of Independent Luxury Real Estate Brokerages

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