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Moving Mom…the Next Step Seniors Real Estate Specialist
Next year marks my 30th year as a REALTOR® and Senior Move Manager. Many ask why I chose to specialize in the 50+ client, and I have to say, it’s the most rewarding area of real estate I have ever practiced. Having become a Senior Move Manager as part of my real estate services was enlightening by itself. I later chose to earn the SRES® certification after checking out their curriculum. It filled in some knowledge gaps for me and helped to provided additional information I could pass on to my clients.

For Sale by Owner: The Pitfalls
Several weeks ago I was asked by a client how I generally get the premise for writing my weekly article. My response to him was, typically it is related to an experience which we have had during the prior week or so. As REALTORS® we are constantly learning, while hopefully getting both wiser and smarter from our past experiences.

Tips to Make Moving More Manageable for Military Members
The military gives individuals and families the opportunity to explore the world, but that exploration often requires frequent moving. Rarely is this a smooth process.

Moving Mom…the Next Step Giving Your Home a Facelift
Houses are like faces. They weather the storms of time and show their wear and tear. But unlike us, they don’t grow old gracefully. In order to keep their value and stay healthy, sometimes the old house needs a new face.

Out of the Starting Block
When over pricing your home in today’s market, you can help sell your competition, as your home price will enhance the value and appeal of others.

Football Season Re-ignites the Great Debate: Where do we put the TV? Stacking TVs and fireplaces can work as a focal point
When choosing a focal point for a room, designers and homeowners alike often plan for a single feature - windows, TVs, artwork, or fireplaces - to take center stage. However, the explosion of flat screen TVs for every room in the home has created a debate - can you really have more than one focal point?

  Buying a Home: Title Insurance.
Buying a home or homes for yourself and family is one of the biggest decisions you will make during the course of your lifetime.

Simple Tips for Dorm Rooms that Rock
When it comes to small space living, maximizing square footage and striking the right balance between function and design is essential. Whether you’re sending college students off to the dorms, preparing young adults for life in a first apartment, or re-designing small spaces in your home, you can do several things to keep the space organized and stylish.

5 Packing Tips to Make the Back-to-College Move Easier
Back-to-school season has thousands of college students packing their childhood rooms into cars, vans and moving trailers to transport into dorms and off-campus apartments. While college students usually don’t have a lot of belongings that need to be moved, the process can be exhausting and overwhelming.

Moving Mom…the Next Step Let’s Start at the Curb!
When you put your property on the market, a Buyer’s first look is usually on the internet. If the inside is not staged properly, the chances are they will move on to the next available property. Pictures speak a thousand words! However, the first actual showing is at the curb. If the outside is not staged with the same care as the inside, the Buyer may keep on driving. What they view from the street must entice them to want to see more.

Moving Mom…the Next Step What’s In Your Crawl Space?
Gone are the days of simple fixes. I remember when my crawl space was insignificant, but today, if during a pre-sale home inspection, fungus, mold, or mushrooms are found under your house, it’s a big deal. These things are indicative of moisture. We are in the hottest, steamiest months of summer, and a crawl space inspection may turn up some unexpected results.

  Your Listing Agent: A Few Questions
On a recent listing appointment, I had a seller ask me some interesting and refreshing questions prior to signing the listing agreement.

Ten Tips to Save Money Inside Your Home
Whether you’re a homeowner or a renter, savvy approaches to running your home can save you money according to house smart experts.

How Much Home do you Need?
This week, on the way home from a closing for a client who just moved into a larger home, I remembered the conversation which I had with them after we sold their smaller home. The conversation was focused on their specific and current needs and wants, and also the importance being in a comfort zone with future payments versus buying a home at their pre-approval limit.

Moving Mom…the Next Step Kitchen Updates that Matter
Sellers often ask what improvements they should make before selling their home. Unless you are planning to stay another 20 years, and the kitchen will be remodeled by the next generation, think before you act. Generally, when consulting with my clients, most want to go for the least amount of work with the largest return on investment. If you are truly committed to selling, and not staying and enjoying the new updates for an extended number of years, doing minimal work is the way to go.

Add Appeal, Save on your Kitchen Remodeling Project Tips to make the most of your budget
For those who wish to make updates to their home, the kitchen is a great place to begin. According to the 2013 Cost vs. Value report from Remodeling magazine, a minor kitchen remodel should recoup up to 75 percent of total remodeling dollars, based on the value of the home increasing. When focusing on this important part of the house, many homeowners are looking for ways to add luxurious and modern touches without breaking the bank.

Moving Mom…the Next Step How Clean is Clean?
Getting your house ready to sell is a challenge. Of all the things that make the most difference, cleanliness is at the top of the list. It sets the tone for how well you have taken care of the property during your ownership, and that matters to buyers.

Bring the Outdoors In
Enjoying the outdoors can be one of the best features of a home. Whether it is entertaining friends and family or just sitting in a covered area and enjoying an afternoon rainstorm. One of my favorite I-phone APPS is my compass. It is always good to know where north and south are related to a home or a piece of land for future construction.

Renovating? Laying a Good Foundation for Home Improvement Success
You’ve probably heard the saying: “Your home is your castle.” But if your current home - or the home you’re thinking of buying - feels more like the servant’s quarters than the royal palace, you may need to plan a renovation. At times like these it’s easy to give in to your excitement and get the project moving forward, but take a moment to plan your overall strategy. You’ll find that, much like your future castle, your renovation project will benefit from a solid foundation.

Moving Mom…the Next Step Driving Miss Daisy?
My 92 year old client is still perfectly capable of driving and is moving back to his home state of Massachusetts at the end of the month. Is it feasible to ship the car, have it driven to the destination, or sell it before moving? After some careful consideration, our decision was made. If you are thinking of taking your car across state lines, let’s look at some things to think about.

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