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Property Transfers November 12

ZIP CODE: 31322

87 Yellow Jasmine Court, JCW Construction LLC to Rebecca M. Kennedy and Donald W. Kennedy, residential, $148,930.
2474 Quacco Road, Fred Williams Homebuilder Inc. to Dusty W. Hodges and Lauren E. Hodges, residential, $204,075.
190 Silverton Road, Fred Williams Homebuilder Inc. to David S. Collins, residential, $154,865.
190 Silverton Road, David S. Collins to David S. Collins and Monica Elaine Collins, residential, $0, joint tenant division.
206 Silverton Road, Fred Williams Homebuilder Inc. to Bruce Randall Hall, residential, $170,900.

ZIP CODE: 31328

202 Miller Avenue, Alice C. Martin to Tony C. Petrea Sr., residential, $352,000.
202 Miller Avenue, Tony C. Petrea Sr. to John O Crowell and Sherry C. Crowell, residential, $300,000.
Lot 6, The Sanctuary, Coastal Island Development Company LLC to J. Justin Watson, $225,000.

  ZIP CODE: 31401

745 E. Waldburg Street, Leroy Prince to Beulah Fuller, $0.
743 E. Waldburg Street, Leroy Prince to Beulah Fuller, $0.
645 E. Anderson Street, Marion T. Lanier to The Lindadan Corporation, $100.
2424 Drayton Street, Unit G, Doyle Holding LLC to Gregory Jacobs and John Deadrick, $0.
2424 Drayton Street, Units F and G, Doyle Holdings LLC to Doyle Studios LLC, $335,000.
2424 Drayton Street, Unit E, Doyle Studios LLC to S. Russell Akers and Sharon H. Akers with rights of survivorship, $0.
2424 Drayton Street, Unit B, Doyle Studios LLC to William Dean Reuther, $0.
518 E Henry Street, Linda J. Jones to Felix J. Almaguer and Lauren J. Almaguer, $90,305.
306 E. Henry Street, Hoffman Engineering Inc. to E.C. Burnsed Inc. and Susan B. Faulkner, residential, $30,000.
611 W. Oglethorpe Avenue, G&H Investments LLC to Thunderbird Inn LLC, commercial, $0.
1463 E. 41st Street, Karey Douglas Raybon to James E. Williams, residential, $0, estate deed.
1442 E. 41st Street, The Lindadan Corporation to Mitchell E. Brannen Jr. and Leah Brannen, residential, $105,000.
1201 Wheaton Street, Steve Hufstetler to CJG Leasing Inc., commercial, $50,000.
1018 Cubbedge Street, Juliette S. Ling to Harriett L. Singleton, gift deed.
645 E. Anderson Street, Dorothy Redding Brock to Marion T. Lanier, first transferee foreclosure.

  ZIP CODE: 31404

2250 Lorraine Court, Harry Melville Vacheresse to Carol Lynn Vacheresse, residential, $1, divorce based transfer.
2325 Bonaventure Road, Abigail L. Williams to Joseph P. Porter, $117,000.

  ZIP CODE: 31405

117 Columbus Drive, Anna Y. Farmer as executor of the last will and testament of Beatrice P. Yarborough, residential, estate deed.
40 Roundtree Circle, Dorothy B. Floyd to Geraldine I. Greenberg, $275,000.
7 Weatherby Circle, Krebabach Family Trust to JNJ Associates, $0.
310 Jackson Woods Blvd., Joyce R. McGee to Lynda M. Furchgott, residential, $0, gift deed.
1501 E. 52nd Street, Kristi Harvey to Jesse C. Gulle, $163,000.

ZIP CODE: 31406

2150 Brogdon Street, Sheila R. Williams to Robert German, $0.
22 Nancy Place, Mark Smith Daniel estate to John Saxton Daniel, $0, estate deed.
50 Richmond Drive, Julius S. Smith to Dorcas W. Smith, $0.
8 Mulberry Court, Howard E. Nuske to Ellen S. Nuske, residential, $0.

ZIP CODE: 31407

47 Hower Way, Rande Duke Construction Inc. to Frank R. Hill IV and Mary E. Hill, $109,245.

  ZIP CODE: 31408

0 Lynn Street, Jan B. Anderson to Garden City Primitive Baptist Church Inc., residential, gift deed.

  ZIP CODE: 31410

700 Wilmington Island Road, William M. Foster Jr. to Barry Lee Gale and Karen Tenebaum Gale, residential, $444,100.
110 Blue Marlin Drive, Irvin R. Clark to Martine A. Clark, residential, $31,516, divorce based transfer.
104 Port Royal Court, Katherine M. Thompson to Mickeol L. Thompson, $0.
130 Suncrest Blvd., Dorothy L. Evans to Dorothy L. Evans and Edward Annette, residential, $0, gift deed.
9 Palmetto Bay Cove, Stacey D. Griffith to Mark C. Sells and Leanne M. Sells, $228,000.
15 Saint Catherine Road, Jeffrey A. Poplin to Bobbie Jean Poplin, $0.
1208 Wilmington Island Road, Alwyn A. Cowan III to Jennifer Fitzhugh, $0.

ZIP CODE: 31411

15 Water Witch Crossing, Judith A. Perkins, individual and as trustee to Michael H. Auen and Carolyn P. Schoenwald, residential, $640,000.
2 Mainsail Crossing, Jill B. Laorr to William C. Kroll, residential, $127,500.

  ZIP CODE: 31415

917 Bowden Street, Joyce Nelson to Andy Chitty, residential, $5,000.

  ZIP CODE: 31419

839 Chevis Road, The Estate of Elizabeth Berry to Edward Whitaker, Vernia Latson, Rosa Brown Hayward and Charlie Berry, residential, estate deed.
515 Woodley Road, Seaborne M. Tompkins to Juanita Virginia Marin, $0.
151 Park View Road, J. K. Homes Inc. to Jeremy Owen Williams, $155,138.
336 Stonebridge Circle, Genesis Designer Homes LLC to Brian E. Zickefoose and Kimberly Zickefoose, $185,000.
169 Rice Mill Drive, SRH Investments LLC d/b/a Hallmark Custom Homes, residential, $327,979.
28 Diane Mackenzie Way, Jerry C. Wardlaw Construction Inc. to Lenny Paali Irwin, residential, $159,470.
525 Windsor Road, Oglethorpe Lodge No. 1, Independent Order of Odd Fellows to SI Properties LLC, commercial, $165,170, first transferee foreclosure.
525 Windsor Road, SI Properties LLC to Jimmy Morris, commercial, $100.
911 Old Mill Road, Josephine M. Parker to Elizabeth R. Kelton, $154,000.
2 Canterbury Court, Judith D. Purvis to Nicholas A. Grassi, residential, $143,000.


7 Willow Lakes Drive, Fred Williams Homebuilder Inc. to Vickie S. Lumaya, residential, $134,072.