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Property Transfers May 20 - May 21

ZIP CODE: 31322

119 Cross Creek Drive, Chung Van Cao to Nguyen Thu Thi Thao, quit claim deed.
122 Brooklyn Way, Emerick Construction Inc. to Willie Wallace, $234,900.
1311 Pine Barren Road, Jasper Hershel Shearouse to Jasper Hershel and Lynette Shearouse, $0.

ZIP CODE: 31328

509 Miller Avenue, f/k/a 425 Miller Avenue, Ginger S. McRae, Christopher J. Cramer and Lianna B. Jones to Yellow Rose Cottage LLC, residential, $10.
20 Naylor Avenue, Pamela J. O'Brien to Michael L. Kuhlers and Grace L. Kuhlers, $228,000.

ZIP CODE: 31401

109 Brady Street, Domus Building Arts to Robert F. Lanier, $0.
507 Price Street, Phillip T. Jenkins to Monique P. Armstrong and William A. Armstrong, residential, $190,000.
825 E. 38th Street, Wilhelmena F. Holmes to Troy P. Williams, $20,000.
1711 Whitaker Street, Sue Christian and Ian Elliott a/k/a Ian Elliot to Savannah Homes Restoration LLC, $27,000.
543 E. Harris Street, Neil T. Cronk to Stephen J. Cook and Patricia Flood Cook, residential, $166,000.

ZIP CODE: 31404

3310 Iantha Street, Miller Young to Mary Young, residential, $0.
1608 E. 34th Street, Jim Morris to Helen Miltiades, residential, gift deed.
2409 E. 39th Street, SunTrust Bank to The Cheshire Cat LLC, $56,500.
3313 Martha Street, Pearl Howard to Island Company, $20,000.
1405 E. 59th Street, William O. McNaney to Memorial Health University Medical Center, $62,500.

ZIP CODE: 31405

6 Steeple Run Way, Harold L. Ruby Jr. to L. Allen Woods and Rebecca T. Woods, $193,900.
121 Croatan Street, Batim LLC to Eleanor Cowherd, $63,000.
107 Cedarbrook Drive, Everette J. Griffin and Sandra L. Griffin to Raymond L. Smith, residential, $37,172.03.
1228 E. 67th Street, Mona Loy Hammock to Memorial Health University Medical Center, $100,000.
508 Beaugard Street, Antonio W. Aliffi Jr. to Alva D. Aliffi, gift deed, husband to wife (1/2 interest).
508 Beaugard Street, Alva D. Aliffi to Antonio W. Aliffi Jr., gift deed, wife to husband.
627 Sherman Avenue, Shoe String Realty LLC to George C.Bacon, quit claim deed.
1305 E. 52nd Street, Ruth W. Vause to Marion Herman Heyman II, quit claim deed.
511 W. Victory Drive, Joe Addison to McCarthy Giles, $27,500.
318 E. 64th Street, Dorothy P. Martin and Joseph G. Martin to Joshua P. Diamond, $140,000.
27 Steeple Run Way, Fred B. Fluitt III to David W. Scroggs, $194,000.
2 Baysprings Point, Steven W. Hodges and Tina T. Hodges to Thomas E. Lansford, $240,000.
911 W. Victory Drive, Florence R. Bennett to Earl E. Coleman, residential, $16,000.
703 E. 45th Street, Dolly Chisholm, Eleanor D. Foster and Frank H. Chisholm Jr. to J. Michael Sinclair and Mary Ann Sinclair, $285,000.
14 Sandlewood Court, Remer/Hazel Speaks to Edwin C. Shepherd Jr., residential, $101,500.
1015 W. 44th Street, Florence R. Bennett to Earl E. Coleman, residential, $12,000.
1015 W. 44th Street, Clara Richardson to Earl E. Coleman, residential, $12,000.
911 W. Victory Drive, Clara Richardson to Earl E. Coleman, residential, $16,000.
411 Southbridge Blvd., Unit 406, VICCON LLC to Emma D. Harbourne, $207,400.

ZIP CODE: 31406

306C McAlpin Drive, Robert Anderson Vaught to Kathleen Oswald Vaught, residential, gift deed.
211 Edgewater Road #52, Naomi M. Johnson to Ansley Monaghan, residential, $82,500.
15 Norwood Court, Devon G. Blake, f/k/a Devon G. Morris to Laura Knott and Brian Steinfeld, residential, $132,000.
13208 Largo Drive, Scott Douglas Beeton, et. al as co-trustees of The Petronella A. Beeton Revocable Living Trust to Scott Douglas Beeton, et. al as co-trustees of the Petronella A. Beeton Revocable Living Trust dated 5-23-94 and Peter J.T. Beeton, quit claim deed.
28 Arthur Circle, Warren R. Lewis to Liberty Mortgage Corporation, residential, $0, foreclosure.
7323 Albert Street, Alex Jenkins to Shirley Price, quit claim deed.
232 Stephenson Avenue #4C, George C. Long Jr. and Lynda M. Long to Estelle McIntosh, gift deed.
90 Hily Avenue, Linda Carol Cook to William Frank Cook III, residential, quit claim deed.
10512 Abercorn Street, Geetha Bala and Nalini Dass to DRAP LLC, quit claim deed.
52 Skyline Drive, Donald M. Hillis and Nancy D. Hillis to Juanita Robinson, residential, $92,000.
1524 Forsyth Road, Louis R. Taisitano and Sally F. Taisitano to Barry Bates and Rusherna Bates, $160,000.
7025 Key Street, Herbert W. Mackey and Jesse E. Matson to Alex Williams, residential, $85,700.

ZIP CODE: 31407

ZIP CODE: 31408

4903 Old Louisville Road, Roy R. Mincey to Kenneth L. Reddick and Mary I. Reddick, residential, $165,000.

ZIP CODE: 31410

307 Olde Towne Road, West, RDB Enterprises Inc. to RDB Homes Inc., $50,000.
308 Olde Towne Road , West, RDB Enterprises Inc. to RDB Homes Inc., $50,000.
621 Leaning Oaks Drive, Edward W. Cohen to Michael P. and Jennifer A. Guinup, residential, $157,500.
Lot 7, Ph 1, Commodore Point, 115 Schooner Drive, Wiley A. Wasden III as bankruptcy trust for Doug Stuart and Renee Stuart to Jason Miller, $347,000.
13 Lake Drive, Joseph C. and Cameron H. Ippolito to Jeffrey R. Cressman and Allison L. Thompson, $198,000.
114 Vickery Lane, Michael C. Rowell and Jennifer C. Rowell to Brian Keith Dixon, $155,000.

ZIP CODE: 31411

4 Bright Cove Lane, Charles J. Gibowicz Jr. to Charles J. Gibowicz Jr. and Audrey B. Gibowicz, survivorship deed.
4 Bright Cove Lane, Juanita W. Simpson to Charles J. Gibowicz, $425,000.
8 Joshua's Retreat, Julie A. Librett to John S. Jordre and Kathryn K. Jordre, $318,000.
1 Cattail Court, Gordon R. Carlson to Julie K. Librett, gift deed.
28 Hobcaw Lane, John W. Andrews M.D. and Sandra L. Andrews to John W. Andrews and Sandra L. Andrews, residential, declaration of tenancy in common.
28 Hobcaw Lane, John W. Andrews M.D. to Sandra L. Andrews, residential, gift deed.
1 Cattail Court, Gregory Ricks Construction Inc. to Gordon R. Carlson, $427,500.

ZIP CODE: 31415

N. Lathrop Avenue, ConAgra Grocery Products Company to Savannah Steel Terminal LLC, industrial, $1,200,000.
1601 Delano Street, Jerome Edwards and Jo Ann Edwards to Jimmy Morris, $51,000, foreclosure.

ZIP CODE: 31419

107 Wimbledon Drive, Alan J. Sohmer a/k/a Alan J. Sohmer Sr. to Alan J. Sohmer Jr., quit claim deed.
102 Wimbledon Drive, Alan J. Sohmer Jr. to Dennis A. Yost and Theresa V. Yost, residential, $97,500.
62 Ramsgate Road, Babak Ghassemlou to Sousan Saadatmand, $95,000.
11 Baron South Way, Amira Ibrahim and Willie E. Brown to Amira M. Brown, $10.
Shore Road, Chatham County Georgia to Pam Cole Grimes and John A. Grimes, government entity.
310 Tibet Avenue #14, Brockington Square LLC to Michael G. Hostilo, $83,900.
119 Valhalla Drive, Tidal Construction Company Inc. to Michael P. Way and Polly A. Way, $235,000.
114 Queen's Retreat, Arnoldo Castellanos and Magda Castellanos to Elizabeth Sarinana, $139,000.
112 Stockbridge Drive, Marjorie P. Balyo f/k/a Marjorie P. Shiver to Daniel L. McGeachy and Judy McGeachy, $104,900.


12 Sand Stone Court, Georgia Bank & Trust to Genesis Designer Homes, quit claim deed.
3 Sand Stone Court, Georgia Bank & Trust to Genesis Designer Homes, quit claim deed.
Lot 3, Pine Garden Subdivision, Bobbeye Underwood to Kettridge Underwood, residential, gift deed.
85 Van Horne Street, Patricia Gaye Cullip Smith to Jayne R. Rutherford, $292,000.
126 Sussex Retreat, Southwest Quarter Holdings LLC to W. Michael Sunderman, $207,986.