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Property Transfers June 27 - June 28

ZIP CODE: 31322

Lot 208, Phase IV-B, Hunter's Ridge, 216 Cassidy Way, James E. Glidewell to James E. Glidewell and Debbie A. Glidewell, gift deed.
Lot 208, Ph IV-B, Hunter's Ridge, 216 Cassidy Way, James E. Glidewell and Debbie A. Glidewell to James E. Glidewell, gift deed.
130 Village Lake Drive, Konter Homes Inc. to Kevens N. Mosley, residential, $192,474.

ZIP CODE: 31328

404 Butler Avenue, Unit 444, Frances R. Clark and Stacey C. Williams to Louis Kietzman, residential, $535,000.
123 Eagles Nest Drive, Stephen L. Watson to Laurel A. Brady, gift deed.
1 15th Street, Link Properties Inc. to Dianne H. Murphy and Robin H. Davis, vacation, $1,560.
123 Eagles Nest Drive, Edward W. Towns to Stephen L. Watson and Laurel A. Brady, $635,000.

ZIP CODE: 31401

Undivided 1/2 interest in 106 W. Gwinnett Street, Unit 4-D, Judith B. Brunger to LaTrelle Y. Pevey, gift deed.
309 W. 34th Street, Paul Leslie Garber Jr. to Savannah Homes Restoration LLC, quit claim deed.
309 W. 34th Street, Savannah Homes Restoration LLC to Paul Leslie Garber Jr., quit claim deed.
2511 Atlantic Avenue, John H. Oldfield Jr. as trustee of the Teofill C. Sicay and Hipolita R. Sicay trust to On the Corner LLC, residential, $200,000.
106. W. Gwinnett Street, Unit 4-D, Michael P. Millie to Judith B. Brunger, $140,000.
1310 E. 39th Street, The Lindadan Corporation to Lawrence E. Butler Sr., $76,500.
305 W. York Street, the 305 W. York Street Trust to Robert Daugherty, residential, $0.
1818 E. 39th Street, Ronnie H. Anderson to William H. Anderson and Robert L. Sturgess, residential, quit claim deed.
19 E. Jones, Unit D, Donald P. Marrah Jr. and Jodi D. Marrah, his wife to Marrah's Reale One LLC, a Michigan Limited Liability Company, residential, $1.
1818 E. 39th Street, William H. Anderson and Robert L. Sturgess to David O. Reinbold, residential, $54,900.
457 Tattnall Street, 226 W. Broughton LLC to Martha A. Reardon, residential, $140,000.
1701-1707 Habersham Street, Jean K. Filer, attorney in fact for Christopher Filer to David B. Kaul, $221,000.

ZIP CODE: 31404

2417 Waters Avenue, Virginia Baker Aliffi, executrix estate of Antonio W. Aliffi Sr. to Virginia Baker Aliffi, residential, assent to devise.
13 Helmken Street, Teco T. Jones to Ronald L. McIntosh, residential, correction foreclosure deed.
1926 Clemson Street, Wanda Miller to Conseco Finance Servicing Corporation, residential, $61,140.
1201-1201 1/2 E. Anderson Street, Michael G. Gay and Ellen M. Gay to Frederick W. Mingledorff Jr., residential, $74,000.
2509 Alabama Avenue, Mildred Madray, Aubrey D. Madray, J. Denise Turner and Dwayne F. Madray to William H. Lee Jr. and Elizabeth C. Lee, residential, $41,000.
9 Kinzie Avenue, Wait 2000 LLC to Laura C. Oliver and Thomas Oliver, residential, $125,000.
2417 Waters Avenue, Virginia B. Aliffi to Carmela R. Aliffi, residential, $100,000.
714 & 714 1/2 Waters Avenue, Jimmie Westley to Janell Williams, residential, $32,000.
2234 Jordan Drive, Nancy Ann Cvetan, as executrix of last will and testament of Victor Cvetan to Nancy Ann Cvetan, assent to devise.
2234 Jordan Avenue, Nancy Cvetan to The Mayor and Aldermen of the City of Savannah, industrial, $65,813.
13 Helmken Street, Ronald L. McIntosh to Amos Green Jr. and Courvoisier W. Dorsey, residential, $44,900.

ZIP CODE: 31405

595 W. 54th Street, Daisy L. Eady to John Eady, gift deed.
509 E. 61st Street, William A. Hodgson to Alan K. Gilmore, $105,000.
4744 Sylvan Drive, Robert H. Reeves to Henrietta D. Reeves, residential, gift deed.
535 E. 56th Street, Angela K. Godwin to Cullen G. and Christie L. Chambers, residential, $145,000.
0 Staley Avenue, Yvonne S. Harvey to Donna B. Phillips and Anthony B. Phillips, residential, $70,000.
3202 Florence Street, Reginald J. Parker to Serita Harvey, $45,000.
105 E. 64th Street, Christopher M. Dail and Glenn M. Dail and Merrie M. Dail to Jason M. Schnurr, residential, $116,500.
40 Steeple Run Way, Genesis Designer Homes LLC to Connie A. Rockhill and Josephine Y. Leong, residential, $194,900.
110 Pine Lakes Avenue, Hallmark Homes of Savannah Inc. to Allen P. Jones and Sue B. Jones, residential, $553,000.

ZIP CODE: 31406

217 Dyches Drive, Graham S. Whidden to Kelly King Whidden, quit claim deed.
7505 Waters Avenue, #A-1, Edward J. Zwick to Harold C. Sims II and Glenda Sims, $73,750.
5803 Betty Drive, Jacqueline S. Stephenson to The Mayor and Aldermen of the City of Savannah, $82,000.
5608 Betty Drive, Donald D. Adams to The Mayor and Aldermen of the City of Savannah, industrial, $79,875.
499 Strachan Avenue, Nations Banc Mortgage Corporation to Secretary of the Dept. of HUD, residential, foreclosure.
345 Commercial Drive, C. Carl Graham to Michael A. Vaughn, $310,000.
10410 Indigo Road, Jeffrey L. Everett and Rachel D. Everett to Lai V. Hunh, $98,000.
5612 Jan Street, Charles A. Glover to Joy Geist-Norden, residential, $65,000.
3 Bakers Crossing, Sharon T. Qureshi (formerly Morris) and Kenneth P. Morris to Charles A. Glover and Lydia Z. Glover, residential, $127,900.

ZIP CODE: 31407

ZIP CODE: 31408

2614 Govenor Street, Virgil K. Knight to Patricia M. Knight, residential, gift deed, 1/2 interest.
11 Pipkin Avenue, Betty Sue Reagan to Delmon B. Pitts, residential, $95,000.

ZIP CODE: 31410

Bull River Bluff Condominium, Elwyn O. Coleman and Patricia D. Coleman to Cameron V. Durden, residential, $89,000.
12 Runner Road, Gregory Hall Properties LLC to Mitchell M. Cole and Maureen K. Cole, residential, $170,000.
206 Debra Road, Michael Eric Hargrave to Helen J. Constanti, $156,900.
23 Walthour Cove, Benjamin S. Eichholz to D.H. Hall and Associates Inc., $20,000.
3 Castaway Place, Marilyn Ericsson to B. Suzanne Kent, residential, $110,000.

ZIP CODE: 31411

5 Fat Friar's Retreat, Estate of William Hamlin McNeal to Clark Honnold and Jules B. Paderewski, residential, $250,000.
31 Little Comfort Road, Herbert A. McKenzie and Joan B. McKenzie to Blaine R. Twibell and Brian G. Twibell, residential, $560,000.
29 Little Comfort Road, William MacKellar and Sharril J. MacKellar to Blaine R. Twibell and Brian G. Twibell, residential, $525,000.
30 Sweetgum Crossing, Paul M. Horovitz to Karen E. Olsson, trustee, residential, $245,500.

ZIP CODE: 31415

639 W. 35th Street, Neighborhood Improvement Association Inc. to Brenda Proctor, residential, $89,900.

ZIP CODE: 31419

103 Grey Oak Court, E.E. Sauls Jr. and Sue M. Sauls to Cheryl Brackin, $124,900.
Middleground Road, William O. Boaen Sr. to Odeall Caine, residential, $10,000.
634 Valleybrook Drive, Edith D. Stansell to Jason R. Johnson, $108,500.
228 Forest Ridge Drive, Gary Hom and Lisa K. Hom to Todd M. Leleux, residential, $76,531.