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Property Transfers February 14 - February 19

ZIP CODE: 31322

15 Silver Oak Court, John E. Bremer to Stephen Remler Construction Inc., $0.
258 Raymond Road, C.B. Hendley to Pearl Hendley, residential, gift deed.
419 Gleason Avenue, Paul L. Donnelly Jr. to Anne M. Donnelly, gift deed.
260 Longleaf Circle, Scott T. and Jeri E. Patrick to Linden D. and Marcia E. Markland, residential, $136,000.
125 Ashwood Drive, Jerry C. Wardlaw Construction Inc. to Christine B. Howard, residential, $132,554.
412 Gleason Court, Donald Wayne Seay to Marsha Idell Seay, gift deed.
11 Chamois Court, Earleen Swain to Rickey Swain, quit claim deed, pursuant to divorce decree.

ZIP CODE: 31328

1217 Bay Street, Unit 221A, Charles R. Beaudrot Jr. to Debbe Bond, residential, love and affection.
1106 Butler Avenue, Michael F. Ryan to Ronald K. Horton and Cheryl K. Horton, $450,000.
1106 Butler Avenue, Ronald K. Horton to Cheryl K. Horton, gift deed.
8 6th Street, Michael F. Ryan to Antoinette M. Ryan, residential, quit claim deed.
8 6th Street, Ryan Builders of Savannah Inc. to Michael F. Ryan, residential, quit claim deed.
301 lst Street, Mary O. Grosse to Richard L. and Mary O. Grosse, residential, quit claim deed.
Ocean View Court, Anne D. Townsend as Ex. LW&T Jay W. Townsend Sr., deceased to Jane E. Brown, Warren Matthew Brown and Laura Frances Brown, residential, assent to devise.
1101 Butler Avenue, Kelly L. Yambor and Alan D. Nowell to Piyush Shah and Sandie D. Shah, residential, $307,500.
1312 Second Avenue, Mola Chu Jung as trustee to Scott M. and Carrie L. Efird, residential, $85,000.
1217 Bay Street #203-C, Elizabeth T. Wood to Lucille H. Zetterower, residential, $260,500.
16 Oceanview Court, Hogan Development Corporation to Stacye Corbitt Smith, residential, $475,000.

ZIP CODE: 31401

1312-1314 Lincoln Street, Gregory Tsiopanas and Peggy Tsiopanas to Acropolis Remodeling and Construction Inc., quit claim deed.
2403 Floreance Street, Anna McDuffie to James McDuffie, residential, $31,000.
511 E. Duffy Street, Deloris M. Lovette to Mary Ella Clark, residential, quit claim deed.
908 E. Henry Street, Mabel R. Fleming to Troy Williams, residential, $32,000.
323 E. Congress Street, Beehive Foundation Inc. to David W. Adams and Laura W. Adams, residential, $375,000.
440 Habersham Street, Marilyn C. Whelpley, administrator of to John L. Whelpley Jr., administrator of, inherited 1/2 interest.
304 W. Jones Street, A. Maureen Field to Carol S. Rubus, residential, $357,000.
1826 Burroughs Street, New Jersey Mortgage and Investment Corp. as attorney in fact for Sallie Wilson to Tiger Relocation Company an affiliate of New Jersey Mortgage and Investment Corporation, $30,000.
1139 E. Bolton Street, Evelyn Cuthpert to Rosemary R. Walker, $17,500.
829 E. 32nd Street, J.M. Realco Inc. to 829 East 32nd LLC, residential, $51,000.
0 West 31st Street, Ephesus Faith Deliverance Holiness Church of Christ, Inc. to The Mayor and Aldermen of the City of Savannah, industrial, $2,000.

ZIP CODE: 31404

2237 E. 38th Street, Katherine Gold Sikes to Mary Katherine Gold Sikes and Raymond Sikes, residential, quit claim deed.
2014 Alabama Avenue, Grace T. Biggs and James H. Biggs Jr. to Alice in Wonderland LLC, $42,000.
2316 E. 37th Street, Alicia B. Long to Christopher A. Brist and Naomi J. Brist, residential, $75,402.
1617 E. Anderson Street, The Lindadan Corporation to CDL Properties LLC, residential, $76,204.13.
2604 Dogwood Avenue Unit 3, Fred M. Sutton to William G. Weil, $87,000.
2302 Louisiana Avenue, The Lindadan Corporation to CDL Properties LLC, residential, $78,122.28.
36 Culver Street, Reather Underwood to Horace H. Hall, residential, $18,500.
2112 Hawthorne Street, The Lindadan Corporation to CDL Properties LLC, residential, $46,734.04.
2400 E. 40th street, The Lindadan Corporation to CDL Properties LLC, residential, $69,981.77.
3405 Bannon Drive, Lonnie Walter Howell and Charles B. Howell to Barbara K. Schmidt, residential, $35,000.
1210 E. 72nd Street, Jina M. Fields to Billy W. Fields, residential, quit claim deed.
1309 E. Anderson street, Stanley and Donna Eckstein to Kathryn Cobb, $0.

ZIP CODE: 31405

301 E. 55th Street, Sam W. Fuller and Teresa C. Fuller to Sally R. Little, $179,900.
535 Pointe North Drive, Jason and Amanda Crosby to Renee G. Scheftler, residential, $129,900.
435 E. 60th Street, Jeffrey M. Darley to David R. Taylor, residential, $144,000.
320 E. 54th Street, Mary Lou Alley to Daniel Gehringer, residential, $218,350.
108 Crossvine Court, Koncul Enterprises Inc. to Maebell Knight, residential, $120,000.
409 E. 62nd Street, Carrie L. Gaster to Scott M. and Carrie L. Efrid, gift deed.
515 Buckhalter Road, Catherine P. Martin to Catherine P. Martin and Thomas D. Martin III, gift deed.
19 Cottonvale Road, Gregory and Tracey Harvey to Gregory Tracey, residential, $10.
606 E. 52nd Street, Jennie I. McMillan to Nancy McMillan Manvey, gift deed, love and affection, mother to daughter.

ZIP CODE: 31406

5415 Emory Drive, Ann D. Clayton to Marianne A. Brantley, residential, $25,000.
1318 Pine Ridge Drive, Jennifer L. Gavin to Robert P. Gavin, residential, $1.
501C Queenair Drive, Deborah O. James to Jessie W. James, quit claim deed.
505 Lucian Court, The Lindadan Corporation to CDL Properties LLC, residential, $84,618.52.
5918 Betty Drive, Ralph E. Sharp and Yvonne J. Sharp to Samuel Watkins and Susan Watkins, residential, $60,000.
125 Hunt Club Court, John E. Randall to Dianne M. Randall, residential, quit claim deed.
9124 Brighton Place, Donald A. and Lynn M. Quann to Donald A. and Lynn M. Quann, residential, quit claim deed.
7207 Van Buren Avenue, Agnes Mitchell to Chris Mitchell, residential, love and affection.
310 Tibet Avenue, Brockington Square LLC to Ann Oliver, residential, $85,000.

ZIP CODE: 31407

639 Meinhard Road, John David Mixon and Sylvia Geraldine Mixon Eargle to Sylvia Geraldine Mixon Eargle, assent to devise.

ZIP CODE: 31408

18 Nelson Avenue, Steven D. Hollifield to Julie N. Hollifield, residential, divorce.
First Street, W. Susan Woods and Joseph W. Woods to David Gibson, residential, $17,800.
532 Talmadge Avenue, Janice A. Beasley to Neil Medlin, residential, $22,000.
214 Dean Forest Road, Harris J. and Barbara Lewis Flanders to Bradley H. Flanders, residential, $75,750.
24 Burke Avenue, Rufus Thompson as attorney in fact for Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota, NA to Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota, NA, $27,200.

ZIP CODE: 31409

ZIP CODE: 31410

10 River Mist Lane, James W. McCool to Daniel Walker, $114,000.
7310 Tropical Way, Joy Youngblood to Charles B. Whitfield and Susan S. Whitfield, residential, $103,000.
113 E. Coquena Circle, Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Daniel L. Stallings and Sharon B. Stallings, residential, $0.
8 Forestay Court, Lisa B. Carter and James R. Carter to Robert D. Hack, residential, $89,000.
Bull River Bluff Condo, Charles R. Horne to Theresa O. Hester, residential, $88,000.
109 Wynngate Road, Kathleen Fendelman to Kevin A. Miller, residential, $170,000.
223 Olde Towne Road, Craig A. Hahn II and Jennifer L. Hahn to Bruce R. and Shirley R. Weaver, residential, $200,000.
1303 Wilmington Island Road, Kenneth Wayne Hosti and Kim Hosti to Cheryl G. Klein and Albert E. Klein Jr., residential, $132,000.
105 Halifax Road, Jeff H. and April Leigh Hunt to Richard K. and D. Joan Bennertz, residential, $56,500.
126 S. Sheftall Circle, Margie E. Richter to Natalie Richter and Jason Clark, residential, $85,000.
33 Olde Towne Place, Frances McCarthy to Margaretha Sterling, residential, $115,900.
102 Shoals Drive #I-11, Jeffrey Brian Helias to Michelle Lynn Helias, residential, per divorce decree.
116 Runner Road, Hallmark Homes of Savannah Inc. to Patrick Michael Blevins and Catherine Leffrig Blevins, $175,800.

ZIP CODE: 31411

39 Hemingway Circle, J. Patrick Cosgrove to Marylyn A. Cosgrove, residential, $0.
1 Lachlan Lane, Ruth C. Gardner to Geoffrey H. Gardner, residential, quit claim deed.
3 Becks Retreat, Schuster Electronics Inc. to Lyman K. Black and Carol R. Black as joint tenants, warranty deed.
8 Sundew Road, Robert J. Groover Jr. to Robert J. Groover Jr. and Tina A. Groover, residential, quit claim deed.
54 Village Green Circle, Clint McKim to Clinton McKim Realty Trust, residential, quit claim deed.
16 Bluff Oak Retreat, Albert R. Munitz to Phyllis L. Munitz, residential, gift deed.

ZIP CODE: 31415

ZIP CODE: 31419

154 Rice Mill Drive, David W. Soderlind to David W. Soderlind and Ursula Soderlind, $0.
154 Rice Mill Drive, Hallmark Homes of Savannah Inc. to David W. Soderlind, $343,532.02.
352 Sylvania Road, Sandra Elizabeth Beasley to Lonnie D. and Tammy L. Beasley, $12,000.
64 Brown Pelican Drive, Norma Ann Oliver to Joseph M. Simpson, residential, $91,500.
140 Laurelwood Drive, Brian A. and Amy M. Jankowski to Demetria S. Kennedy, residential, $98,000.
126 Hopeland Drive, Leigh Powell Construction to Valencia L. Baker, residential, $151,500.
2 Cove Court, James C. and Melissa H. Thigpen to Barry D. Baker, residential, $139,793.
60 King James Court, Amy W. Farrow to Mitchell B. Curry, residential, $89,200.
101 Ventura Blvd., Thomas J. and Hazel Louise O'Hara to Dreidre J. and Troy B. Jackson, residential, $80,000.
414 Woodley Road, Estate of Genevieve W. Zeigler to Marshall Campbell, residential, $63,350.
10910 Jamestown Road, Willie T. Grant to Willie T. and Shirley A. Grant, gift deed.
2 Cove Court, Barry D. Baker to Barry D. and Barbara J. Baker, residential, gift deed.
12465 Northwood Road, Viola Bell to Sylvester Bell, residential, quit claim deed.
44 Knollwood Circle, Estate of Clinton George DeBrand Sr. to Caroline E. DeBrand, residential, assent to devise.
216 Brown Thrush Road, West Construction Inc. to Chace Holloway, residential, $36,000.


Various, Freda S. Ranitz, executrix estate of John F.M. Ranitz Jr. to Freda Saseen Ranitz, residential, assent to devise to distribute estate.
Pierpont Ward, Jefferson B. and Thomas E. Dennard to Lisa Marie Paulie, residential, $107,000.
Various, Freda Saseen Ranitz, trustee to Freda Saseen Ranitz, trustee's deed of distribution.
356 Garden Acres Way, Keith B. Williams and Patricia K. Williams to Thomas B. Brantley III and Terry L. Gilliland, residential, $55,500.
102 Samuel Lyon Way, Stacie L. Wong to David N. Glisson Jr. and Robyn L. Glisson, residential, $80,000.