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Property Transfers August 22 - August 25

ZIP CODE: 31322

143 Baxley Road, Kenneth F. Roberson to Kenneth F. Roberson and Lana Roberson as JTWROS, gift deed, husband to husband and wife.
204 Towne Lake Way, Prudential Relocation Inc. to Hart S. and Lenore R. Odom, $181,000.
204 Towne Lake Way, Diane E. Parks to Prudential Relocation Inc., $181,000.
303-B Moore Avenue, Neil T. Medlin to Jeffrey R. Thornburg and Karen L. Thornburg, $27,500.
13 Chamois Court, Richard G. Poppell to Sharon B. Love, $148,900.
10 Realto Court, Beacon Builders Inc. to Lisa C. Sellers, residential, $142,500.
88 Ridgecrest Street, Eagle Development Group of Savannah Inc. to Donna Cutray, $112,900.
124 Pampas Drive, JCW Construction Inc. to Thomas J. Dent, residential, $127,470.
94 Ridgecrest Street, Eagle Development Group of Savannah Inc. to George H. Carter, $95,055.

ZIP CODE: 31328

404 Butler Avenue, Unit 533, Betty B. and Dalton Futrell to Tracy Kelly, $284,000.

ZIP CODE: 31401

117 E. 39th Street, Scott E. Rubitsky and Shelly Rubitsky to Ross N. Geideman and Kimberly K. Winson, $220,000.
123 Habersham Street, 000 East State Street, Classical Management LLC to Kessler Kehoe House LLC, commercial, $2,100,000.
1308 E. 32nd Street, Angelene Freeman f/k/a Angelene Larry to William D. Bridges, warranty deed.
512 E. 34th Street, Gerry Simmons to Carole R. Simmons, $0.
508 E. 37th Street, Margaret Grisby to Citifinancial Mortgage Company Inc., $0, foreclosure.
1322 E. 41st Street, Jason M. Miller to Honey Do Homes Inc., $0.
1233 E. 41st Street, Jason M. Miller to Honey Do Homes Inc., $0.
415 E. 31st Street, Jason Miller to Honey Do Homes Inc., $0.
1501 Ott Street, Jason Miller to Honey Do Homes Inc., $0.
116 E. Oglethorpe Avenue, Hilda Regan to David Wilson and Elizabeth Wilson, $950,000.

ZIP CODE: 31404

12 Hibiscus Avenue, John Wallace to Earl Brown, $50,000.
2411 Bolling Street, Jason M. Miller to Honey Do Homes Inc., $0.
0 Bolling Street, Jason Miller to Honey Do Homes Inc., $0.
2409 Bolling Street, Jason M. Miller to Honey Do Homes Inc., $0.
2131 Utah Street, Wing G. Jung Sr. trust to Wing G. Jung Sr., quit claim deed.
1602 E. Henry Street, Margaret Brown Champion to Nancy F. Martin, $0.
2131 Utah Street, Wing G. Jung Sr. to Terry L. Roland, residential, $31,000.
3212 Gilreath Drive, Maurice and Virginia Dixon to Thomas Dixon, residential, $110,000.

ZIP CODE: 31405

106 Hunter Lane, Theodore G. Easterlin Jr. and Dianne H. Easterlin, tenants-in-common to Theodore G. Easterlin Jr. and Dianne H. Easterlin, joint tenants, residential, quit claim deed.
5008 Bull Street, Irvin J. Warshaw and Joy Bradley Warshaw to T. Sloan Thompson, $25,000.
401 Wheeler Street, Marcus B. and Sandra B. Seligman to Alan M. and Pamela S. Lipsitz, $320,000.
101 E. DeRenne Avenue, Jack Star and Cima Star to Suetain Enterprises Inc., $125,500.
437 Columbus Drive, Jason M. Miller to Honey Do Homes Inc., $0.
327 Oxford Drive, Marian O. Stafford f/k/a Marian F. Jones to Charles L. Stafford, gift deed.
28 Woodchuck Hill Road, Savannah Quarters to Southbridge Development Company Inc., $14,402.25.
28 Woodchuck Hill Road, Southbridge Development Company Inc. to George Barthelmess d/b/a B&B Builders, $83,250.
116 Egret Point, Hallmark Homes of Savannah Inc. to Robert B. Fortney, residential, $300,890.

ZIP CODE: 31406

450 East Ridge Drive, Anastasia M. Rymer to David F. Rymer, residential, gift deed.
122 Radick Drive, James T. and Rebecca Pitterzberg to P. Michael Collins, residential, $372,000.
8720 Ferguson Avenue, Mac G. Newell to Renee H. Newell, residential, gift deed.
8720 Ferguson Avenue, Renee H. Newell to Mac G. Newell, residential, gift deed.
2 Sugar Bush Court, Jerald W. Clark Jr. to Jeanette Brown, $122,500.
9858 Whitfield Avenue, Judy M. Armstrong to Timothy C. Wilson and Donald A. Lindner, $45,000.
217 Croatan Street, Donald L. Cooper and Sonya Yvonne Cooper to Dana Felty, warranty deed.
7 Bransby Lane, Luther Rowland Jr. and Nancy J. Rowland to John Beasley and Margaret Harty Beasley, residential, $200,000.

ZIP CODE: 31407

310 Godley Road, Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation to Federal National Mortgage Association, residential, $0.
310 Godley Road, Wilbur Knight to Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation, residential, $0, foreclosure.

ZIP CODE: 31408

ZIP CODE: 31410

714 Betz Creek Road, Alvin L. Davis to Alvin L. Davis Inc., $0.
6 Sapphire Island Road, Tate Wright Smith Jr. to Tate Wright Smith Jr. and Leslie D. Smith, residential, $0.
6 Sapphire Island Road, Leslie D.Smith to Tate Wright Smith Jr., residential, $0.
109 Grosvenor Road, John H. Grimes to Blanche M.Grimes, quit claim deed.
180 Penrose Drive, Picola O. Smith to John R. and Carol C. Devine, $45,000.
103 Capstan Court, Elizabeth A. Hill and Ronald J. Hill to Brett W. Sterrett and Rebecca L. Sterrett as JTWROS, $109,000.
7406 Johnny Mercer Blvd., Nancy McCray individually and as natural guardian of Jennifer A. McCray to Craig Davidenko, $99,000.
115 Schooner, Jason M. Miller to Honey Do Homes Inc., $0.
124 Carlton Road, L. Douglas and Joan W. Dorman to Betty Ann Britt, $162,800.
1905 Walthour Road, Donald R. Klesick and Denise S. Klesick to Donald R. Klesick and Denise S. Klesick, residential, $0.
E9 Oyster Shell Road, Lannie S. Jarrell III to Mary E. Denkmann, residential, $83,000.
916 Woodpecker Road, Cynthia A. Wallace to Michael J. Bunton, residential, $185,000.

ZIP CODE: 31411

2 Rookery Road, Preston Flynn to James Patterson Sr., $0.
1 Flowing Wells Lane, Freddie Williams Homes Inc. to Jon J. Soble and Stacey Soble as JTWROS, $565,000.
3 Mainsail Crossing, Leonard M. Trosten to Edward M. Krolikowski and Camille Krolikowski as JTWROS, $342,000.
6 Cotesworth Place, Linda K. Cole-McBroom to Linda Cole-McBroom, residential, $0.
1Belton Lane, Wardens and Vestry of Saint John's Church in Savannah to George Burke and Mona S. Barbara Burke, residential, $290,000.

ZIP CODE: 31415

9 Chapman Street, City of Savannah to Henry Edwards, $0.
921 Lynah Street, Catherine Jackson Singleton to Arthur L. Grant Sr., $22,400.

ZIP CODE: 31419

4 Cove Drive, Lorin Jeffrey Young to Lorin Jeffrey Young and Cara Lovins, $0.
2 Wild Heron Villas Road, Beverlee E. Graybill to James Lewis Graybill and Beverlee E. Graybill, gift deed.
225 Beaufort Road, Delores Powell to Thomas H. Kicklighter and Johnny E. Kicklighter, residential, $0.
225 Beaufort Road, Brenda Walker as Administrator of the estate of Elisha R. Kicklighter to Thomas Kicklighter and Johnny E. Kicklighter, residential, $27,000.
4 Sandy Pond Court, Konter Homes Inc. to Sheila M. Allen, $166,780.
133 Valhalla Drive, Riverside Construction Inc. to Robert L. Martinez, residential, $182,000.
215 Holiday Drive, Donald and Dolores Hudson to Milan Kozak, $85,500.
12708 Golf Club Drive, Gemma W. and Guy A. Soper to Eric Swartz, $140,000.
125 Red Fox Drive, Phillip A. Tuttle to Kyle M. Klemm, residential, $135,000.
13 Avocet Way, Marlon R. Balkstra and Cynthia R. Balkstra to Chayode Ayewa, $136,000.
112 Embassy Court, Roger D. McCoy and Rebecca L. McCoy to Robin Rogers, $118,000.
106 W. Welwood Drive, Sara Smith to David W. Anchors, $78,000.
4 Bluebird Court, Florence M. Mathusa a/k/a F. Marie Mathusa to David C. Bell, $219,900.
4 Cove Drive, David W. and Karon C. Johnson to Lorin Jeffrey Young, $260,000.
254 Sugar Mill Drive, Robb R. Keaveney and Sharon Zerhusen n/k/a Sharon J. Keaveney to Robb R. Keaveney and Sharon J. Keaveney, residential, $0.
101 Coffee Bluff Villa Road, Paula Barla to Paula J. Barla, residential, $0.
9 Mockingbird Lane, William Blake McMillan and Kelly McMillan to Bryan C. Batt and Sarah C. Batt, $225,000.
105 Junco Way, Michael W. Barton and Pamela T. Barton to Angela M. Durley and Collis L. Durley, residential, $165,500.
207 Henderson Oaks Drive, Henderson Phase III LLC to Newmark Homes LLC, residential, $35,000.
108 Henderson Oaks Court, Henderson Phase III LLC to Newmark Homes LLC, residential, $36,000.
12502 Apache Avenue, James H. Morehouse and Amy Lyn Morehouse n/k/a Amy Lyn Morehouse Greene to Christopher H. Butler and Charles F. McNerney, residential, $180,000.


0.6778 Acre parcel, Savannah Airport Commission to Peter J. Hogan, commercial, $0.
0.6778 Acre Parcel, Peter J. Hogan to Martin S. Hogan, $47,500.
Industrial City Gardens Subdivision, Robert L. Lolley to Gloria Lolley, residential, gift deed.