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Property Transfers April 21 - April 23

ZIP CODE: 31322

6 Rialto Court, Federica Tosetto to Jeanette Martin, $138,900.
133 Cross Creek Drive, Vincent M. and Tonya P. Jackson to Luke Gardiner, $142,500.
115 Cooper Brook Lane, Tidal Construction Company Inc. to James M. Cigler, $204,990.
9 Sundance Road, Jeffrey Ogno to Virginia Ogno, residential, gift deed, 1/2 interest.
3 Sundance Road, Rande Duke Construction Inc. to Samuel Brotherson, $159,050.
30 Vineyard Haven Drive, Beacon Builders Inc. to Troy J. and Melinda S. Springer, $114,370.
446 Garden Acres Way, Marc and Kimberly Edwards to Ilia D. Iliev, $92,500.

ZIP CODE: 31328

404 Butler Avenue, Timothy and Marie Thomas to Bert Trapani, $272,500.
10 19th Street, Bert L. Trapani and Bert L. Trapani, as trustee to Donald H. Bailey, $465,000.
0 17th Street, Grissom and Gomez to Grissom, gift deed.
602 Miller Avenue, Michael J. Sedgwick to Amanda Hubbard Sedgwick, $0.
602 Miller Avenue, Amanda Hubbard Sedgwick to Amanda Hubbard Sedgwick and Michael J. Sedgwick, $0.
404 Butler Avenue #632, Walter T. Clark Jr. to Southland Leasing Company, $349,000.
1/4 interest in Unit No. 236A, Savannah Beach and Racquet Club Condo, Lucile Wilson Jackson to Linda Jackson Foran, gift deed.
1/4 interest in Unit No. 236A, Savannah Beach and Racquet Club Condo, Lucile Wilson Jackson to Alan Wayne Jackson, gift deed.
1/4 interest in Unit No. 236A, Savannah Beach and Racquet Club Condo, Lucile Wilson Jackson to Laura Jackson Smith, gift deed.

ZIP CODE: 31401

445 Tattnall Street, Beverly Viles to Stephanie M. Usery, gift deed.
414 W. Anderson Street, Historic Savannah Foundation Inc. to Durbin Holdings LLC, $40,000.
104 Montgomery Street, Unit #1, Thomas Randall Bailey to Old Town Trolley Tours of Savannah LLC, residential, quit claim deed.
14 Norton Street, Antonio Willie Francis to Michael P. Quarterman, $12,000.
11 & 5 W. 43rd Street, William Gerald Sr. to Larry Watson, $70,000.
17-19 E. York Street, J. Brian Baker to J. Brian Baker, quit claim deed.
2201 Barnard Street, Patricia Hood Cook and Stephen J. Cook to Waren Withers and Anuk Withers, $30,000.

ZIP CODE: 31404

1910 Harrison Street, Earl Lee and Mary S. Gallovitch to Arik Helman, residential, $70,000.
2016 New York Avenue, Peggy Joyce Brown Mitchell to Khuong Thanh Ankhuv, $0.
Bldg. 1, Unit 101, 2812 River Drive, Bahia Bleu Marina LLC to Christopher C.F. Hammond Jr., $505,000.
3005 Skidaway Road, Walter R. Simmons and Cheryl Simmons, as co-trustees to Avco Holdings LLC, $220,000.
1412 E. 56th Street, Terry W. Hendrix to Stanley M. Mullings, $50,000.
2218 Armstrong Drive, Washington Mutual Bank FA, successor in interest to Homeside Lending Inc. AIF for Vincent J. Larson and Marian T. Larson to Bruce Gordon, residential, $68,073.
NE corner Bonaventure Road and Downing Street, Lower Bay Street Properties Ind. as as agent for Dixie Machine and Propeller Company Inc., quit claim deed and partial release.
2209 Mississippi Avenue, Kim C. Kelley to Patrick H. Kelley, quit claim deed.
2209 Mississippi Avenue, Patrick H. Kelley to Patrick H. Kelley and Kim C. Kelley, quit claim deed.
2280 E. Victory Drive, James J. Buchman Sr. to Marita T. Buchman (50% interest), residential, $0.
1117 E. 58th Street, Jane W. McIntosh to Ronald L. McIntosh, quit claim deed.
1117 E. 58th Street, Ronald L. McIntosh to Indira B. Dhanraj, $70,000.
1117 E. 58th Street, Indira B. Dhanraj to Indira B. Dhanraj and Ramjass Dhanraj, quit claim deed.
2239 Utah Street, John Ridgdill, Billie Jean Keel and Shirley Mae Wood to Thomas D. Martin III, $49,000.
1834 E. Gwinnett Street, Walston's Home Builders to Karen Green, residential, $120,000.
3 Sassafrass Trail, Bouy Brothers Builders Inc. to Meredith W. Ashby and Audrey A. Ashby, residential, $313,950.
116 Bonaventure Road, Kim H. Gay to Fred L. Williams Jr., $0.

ZIP CODE: 31405

108 Egret Point, Hallmark Development Company Inc. to Hallmark Homes of Savannah Inc., $88,715.68.
118 Egret Point, Hallmark Development Company Inc. to Hallmark Homes of Savannah Inc., $88,716.
6501 Habersham Street, Unit 21, R. Reed Shuman to Jane E. Smith, residential, $100,000.
1702 Archer Street, The Lindadan Corporation to Lawrence E. Butler Sr., $75,300.
116 Egret Point, Hallmark Development Company Inc. to Hallmark Homes of Savannah Inc., $70,900.
416 E. 57th Street, Gregory W. Polk to Everett W. Polk, gift deed.
416 E. 57th Street, Everett W. Polk to Everett W. Polk and Gregory W. Polk, gift deed.
Fayette Street, Mary S. Moore to James Miller, residential, $0.
3503 Bull Street, Kay McCall Findley to Anne M. Ginsberg, quit claim deed.
134 Andover Drive, Nita B. Morris to Everett J. Bonner Jr. and Allyson Bonner, $147,500.
401 Jackson Woods Blvd., Josephine R. Kelly to Broughton R. Kelly and Josephine Kelly, quit claim deed.
401 Jackson Woods Blvd., Broughton R. Kelly to Josephine R. Kelly, quit claim deed.
6 Bridle Lane, Brian R. Parks and Karen M. Parks to Charles M. Courtenay III and Erica R. Courtenay, $248,000.
1921 Mitchell Street, Lanier Renaissance Inc. to Dianne L. Anthony and Eugene Anthony Jr., $95,250.
230 E. 46th Street, Pauline I. McAlpin to John D. Moore and Lisa T. Moore, quit claim deed.
230 E. 46th Street, Philip Morgan McAlpin Administrator to John D. Moore and Lisa T. Moore, $100,000.
111 E. 66th Street, Wanda Anderson Loftin as Executrix to Jonathan David Tuten, $70,000.
111 E. 66th Street, Brenda A. Shimel to Jonathan D. Tuten, quit claim deed.
111 E. 66th Street, Carolyn A. Colson to Jonathan D. Tuten, quit claim deed.
111 E. 66th Street, Wanda Anderson Tuten Loftin to Jonathan D. Tuten., quit claim deed.
1903 Cimarron Street, John C. Anderson, Executor under the last will and testament of Clotell E. Anderson to John C. Anderson, residential, asent to devise.
1115 W. 48th Street, Larry Bernard Varner to Lavedia Varner Johnson, quit claim deed.
1115 W. 48th Street, Lavedia Varner Johnson to Lavedia Varner Johnson and Larry Bernard Varner, Administratrix's deed.
223 E. 56th Street, Thomas H. Johnson and Alice P. Johnson to Stephen C. James and Helen A. James, residential, $264,000.

ZIP CODE: 31406

9104 Middleground Road, Watts and Colwell Builders Inc. to Chatham County, public use.
9407 Dunwoody Road, Acropolis Remodling and Construction Inc. to Stanley M. Mullings, $63,000.
111 Royal Oak Court, Lavonia S. Hendrix f/k/a Lavonia S. Smith to Frank H. Mason and Kirby g. Mason, $88,000.
8618 W. Creighton, Wiley A. Wasder III to Roan and Linda S. Walker, $0.
8117-8119 and 8120 Aegean, Belinda W. Garcia to Robert Neil Sinclair, $75,000.
5 Driftwood Court, David Estle to David Estle and Jenny M. Estle, gift deed.
7309 Garfield Street, Ernest Gibbons to Terry W. Montford, $15,750.
35 Catherine Circle, Novis C. and Edna M. Edwards to Julie Hebert, $101,430.
15 Sidney Drive/318 Forrest Avenue, Henry Michael Wilson to Henry M. and Miriam Wilson, quit claim deed.
125 Legend Drive, Barbara A. Davis to Sammy and Clara Jackson, $153,000.

ZIP CODE: 31407

ZIP CODE: 31408

108 Bowman Street, Frostine S. Zittrouer to Patricia Z. Hill, residential, $40,000.

ZIP CODE: 31410

220 Battery Circle, Wanda C. Scott to Wanda C. Scott and H. David Scott, quit claim deed.
220 Battery Circle, H. David Scott to Wanda C. Scott, quit claim deed.
129 Hampshire Road, Robert J. Wood and Sandra A. Wood to Cheryl M. Tilton and Arthur C. Henning, residential, $160,000.
56 Bull River Bluff Drive, Jona L. Downs to Thomas P. Anderson, $88,500.
113 Redan Drive, Michael W. Howell and Tammy M. Howell to Lee M. Baxley, $107,900.
113 Redan Drive, Lee M. Baxley to Lee M. Baxley and Amanda L. Baxley, survivorship.
124 Redan Drive, Joshua Lee Fix and Virginia Lane Fix to Ameir S. Mustafa and Jennifer C. Mustafa, $119,000.
15 Crushed Stone Drive, Michelle Cox to Jennifer Mann, residential, $77,000.
73 Hutchins Lane, Paula H. Deen to Laura M. Simpson, residential, $750,000.
14 Crossover Lane, Cleo Grandstaff to Jerry L. Allman and Martha E. Allman as JWROS, $127,500.
129 Captain Johns Drive, Wenjie Lin and Xiaorong Zhang to Wenjie Lin and Xiaorong Zhang, gift deed.
415 Olde Towne Road, Teri A. Sprosty to Mark A. Sprosty, quit claim deed.
415 Olde Towne Road, Mark A. Sprosty to Mark and Teri Sprosty, gift deed.
313 Burlington Road, Thomas P. and Clare C. Worley to Wesley C. Williams, $148,000.
539 Pointe N. Drive, Allen Borden to Ian M. and Nancy A. Bamber, $138,000.
332 & 336 Bradley Point Road, Maria T. Buchman and James J. Buchman Sr., ind. to Marita T. Buchman (49%interest) and James J. Buchman Sr., 51% interest, residential, $0.
33 Shipwatch Road, Victoria M. Hennie, trustee to Victoria M. Hennie, quit claim deed.
33 Shipwatch Road, Victoria M. Hennie to Hennie Living Trust, quit claim deed.
108 Lagoon View Crossing, Mark D. Tillman to christine S. Ryan, $168,000.
1 Cuttysark, Josephine M. Lyle to John A. Lyle, residential, $0.
108 Gloucester Road, Gregory Thomas Marini to Elizabeth L. Marini, $0.
Lot 20, Marsh Harbor, William A. Baker Jr. to Sherie T.Baker, exempt.

ZIP CODE: 31411

4 Blackgum Lane, Paul S. Buelvas Jr. and Kay W. Buelvas to Rebecca Sentman and James Sentman, $425,000.
6 Westshell Court, Phyllis A. Chmura, trustee of the Phyllis A. Chmura Revocable Trust to Phyllis A. Chmura and Louis J. Chmura, no money, name change.
6 Westshell Court, Louis J. Chmura and Phyllis A. Chmura to Phyllis A. Chmura Revocable Trust, no money, name change.
1 Crooked Creek Lane, Catherine A. Melk, trustee u/a dated 11/19/94 for Catherine A. Melk trust to Ronald A. Josey Jr. and Pamela d. Josey JTWROS, $645,000.
331 Mapmaker Lane, Dane R. Boggs Jr. and Keith Webster Boggs to Ivan T. Goodrich IV, $88,250.
24 Tidewater Way, Charles L. Bolton and Marian E. Bolton to Kay W. Buelvas, $950,000.
16 Sparnel Road, Anne O'Heaney to Joseph O'Heaney, deed of affection.
8 Holemark Lane, John D. Filson to Beverly O. Filson, gift deed.
8 Holemark Lane, Beverly O. Filson to John D. Filson, gift deed.
18 Delegal Road, Richard and Norma M. Sleckman to John R. Purdy, $590,000.
1 Marmaduke Lane, Jeffrey P. Farmer to Koncul Enterprises Inc., $55,000.
8 Marmaduke Lane, Thomas C. Woiwode to Koncul Enterprises Inc., $50,000.
18 Dame Kathryn Drive, James J. Trainor and Virginia K. Trainor to Virginia K. Trainor, as trustee of the Virginia K. Trainor trust U/T/A dated 9/26/02, quit claim deed.
1 Kelsall Lane, Ann Yingling to Thomas D. and Jerie A. Wichman, $206,500.
4 Wexford Lane, Steven J. and Linda Novack to Steven J. and Linda Novack, residential, tenancy in common.
48 Tidewater Way, James A. Meadows III and Lindsey Meadows to Lindsey C. Meadows, residential, gift deed.
Lot 1722, Phase II, The Landings, Alan M. Nicol U/W of Pamela Muir Micol to Alan M. Nicol, exempt.

ZIP CODE: 31415

1516 Cathy Street, Mildred Roberts to Henry Champen, $90,000.
505 Tuten Avenue, Rosa Lee Fields, Executor of Estate of McArthur Fields to Eunice Jackson, $60,000.

ZIP CODE: 31419

135 Trellis Way, Rande Duke Construction Inc. to Timothy C. Jones, $106,140.
113 Sunrise Lane, SRH Investments LLC d/b/a Hallmark Custom Homes to Michelle S. Cox and David J. Turley, $159,000.
Unit 27, Knollwood Townhome, Stephen E. Albrecht to Susan S. and Robert A. Staples, $73,000.
11302 Middleground Road, Leatha Mae King to Chatham County, public use.
310 White Bluff Avenue, Leola Battise West Gardner to Annie Viola Battise, residential, $0.
310 White Bluff Avenue, Annie Viola Battise to Annie Viola Batise and Leola Battise Gardner West, love and affection.
617 Northbrook, Vicki L. Patrick to Howard V. Pendley IV, $110,450.
161 Junco Way, Dion A. Barratt to Elaine Mary Vuyosevich, $158,000.
203 Laurelwood Drive, Donald E. Tyler to Donald E. Tyler and Phyllis A. Tyler, survivorship.
148 Sugar Mill Circle, Fred Williams Home Builder Inc. to Darren W. Pohlmann and Mary E. Wright, $114,000, warranty deed.
11604 Colleen Drive, Dorothy E. Delana to William H. McCabe, quit claim deed.
8 Olympic Court, Tidal Construction Company Inc. to Scott C. McKenzie, $161,900.
8 Olympic Court, Scott C. McKenzie to Scott C. McKenzie and Lauren J. Lloyd, $0.
109 Davidson Avenue, Richard Frazier to Surujpaul Beharry, $10,000.
6 Snowy Egret Court, Michael B. and Lori Dodd to Cheryl W. Pack, $117,900.
10 Ganet Crossing, Robert Scott Goldsberry and Maria Goldsberry to Robert Scott Goldsberry and Maria Goldsberry, gift deed.
225 Forest Ridge Drive, Todd M. Leleux to Cynthia L. Gore, $84,500.
Lot 70, Phase 2, Greenbriar S/D, Ph 2, 113 Greenbriar Court, Thomas B. Brantley III and Terry L. Gilliland to Steven L. Green and Charlesetta L. Green, $72,000.
15 Stonelake Circle, Genesis Designer Homes LLC to Jaclyn Ott and James H,. Ott, $130,075.
2 Heathers Chase, Rande Duke Construction Inc. to Leslie A. McHenry, residential, $135,400.
12216-12220 Apache Avenue, Armstrong Apartments Ltd. LP to Armstrong Apartments LLC, $1,600,000.


Ogeechee Road, Brad Lee Development Inc. to Georgia Bradley Pointe Partners Ltd., $720,000.
Ogeechee Road, Brad Lee Development Inc. to Georgia Bradley Pointe Partners Ltd., no consideration received by seller.
Ogeechee Road, Valdosta Investments LLC to Dominy Holdings Inc., quit claim deed, no consideration received by seller.
Ogeechee Road, Dominy Holdings Inc. to Brad Lee Development Inc., quit claim deed, no consideration received by seller.
280 Broadwater Lane, Bessie Mae Dickerson Saxon to Sandra Lynn Burnsed, $0.
Lot 58, Legacy Square, Konter Development Company Inc. to Konter Homes Inc., residential, $23,000.
22 Van Horn, Grissom to Grissom, gift deed.
Lots 126, 128, 131, 132, 135, 142, 149 and 151, Eagle Development Group of Savannah Inc. to Regal Builders of the Coastal Empire, $250,000.
Lot 4, Crossgate Homes Subdivision, Richard Priester to Shirley L. Rivers, et. al, residential, $0.
5 Ashwood Court, James W. Feuger to Amy L. McAdoo and Zachary R. Mack, $139,900.
Lot 233, Ph 8, Garden Acres, Craig Darnell Phillips to Margaret Elaine Phillips, residential, $0.