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Add Appeal, Save on your Kitchen Remodeling Project Tips to make the most of your budget
For those who wish to make updates to their home, the kitchen is a great place to begin. According to the 2013 Cost vs. Value report from Remodeling magazine, a minor kitchen remodel should recoup up to 75 percent of total remodeling dollars, based on the value of the home increasing. When focusing on this important part of the house, many homeowners are looking for ways to add luxurious and modern touches without breaking the bank.

Moving Mom…the Next Step Kitchen Updates that Matter
Sellers often ask what improvements they should make before selling their home. Unless you are planning to stay another 20 years, and the kitchen will be remodeled by the next generation, think before you act. Generally, when consulting with my clients, most want to go for the least amount of work with the largest return on investment. If you are truly committed to selling, and not staying and enjoying the new updates for an extended number of years, doing minimal work is the way to go.

Moving Mom…the Next Step How Clean is Clean?
Getting your house ready to sell is a challenge. Of all the things that make the most difference, cleanliness is at the top of the list. It sets the tone for how well you have taken care of the property during your ownership, and that matters to buyers.

Renovating? Laying a Good Foundation for Home Improvement Success
You’ve probably heard the saying: “Your home is your castle.” But if your current home - or the home you’re thinking of buying - feels more like the servant’s quarters than the royal palace, you may need to plan a renovation. At times like these it’s easy to give in to your excitement and get the project moving forward, but take a moment to plan your overall strategy. You’ll find that, much like your future castle, your renovation project will benefit from a solid foundation.

Bring the Outdoors In
Enjoying the outdoors can be one of the best features of a home. Whether it is entertaining friends and family or just sitting in a covered area and enjoying an afternoon rainstorm. One of my favorite I-phone APPS is my compass. It is always good to know where north and south are related to a home or a piece of land for future construction.

Moving Mom…the Next Step Driving Miss Daisy?
My 92 year old client is still perfectly capable of driving and is moving back to his home state of Massachusetts at the end of the month. Is it feasible to ship the car, have it driven to the destination, or sell it before moving? After some careful consideration, our decision was made. If you are thinking of taking your car across state lines, let’s look at some things to think about.

  Demystifying Real Estate Terminology: Homebuyers Edition
Like anyone else who has been in the same business and occupation, for let me say “many years,” you sometimes take it for granted that everyone knows your business. In the Real Estate world it is no different. There are times when you deal with either buyers or sellers who have been involved with numerous transactions or in our case, last week, we were dealing with a first time homebuyer. So this week’s article will focus on discussing the language of real estate professionals, whether it is REALTORS®, real estate attorneys, lenders and other professionals associated with a real estate transaction.

Invest in Smart Kids’ Rooms that Grow with Time
Costs for furnishing and decorating a child’s room can mount quickly, but with careful planning and a few smart purchases, the decisions you make for that nursery or toddler’s room can create a functional and clutter-free space that grows with your child well into the teen years.

Say ‘Bye Bye’ to Bathroom Remodeling Blues with 5 Budget-Friendly Tips
Beautifying your bathroom sounds exciting but oftentimes renovation plans begin with good intentions and end up a long, costly nightmare.

Trim Applications Give the World a Creative Preview of Your Home
Beauty is in the details when it comes to home exteriors. That’s why choosing the right exterior trim products and decorative elements is essential, whether you have a modest home or coastal mansion.

What do Buyers Want?
In every walk of life and industry, much has changed in the past decade or so. Some times things change quicker than we can anticipate and are comfortable with.

Spray Paint Tips to Flawlessly Update your Home’s Furniture
With the warmer weather, now is the ideal time to bring new life to home decor. Whether your outdoor items are looking worn and weathered - or your indoor spaces need a pop of color - spray paint is the perfect solution.

Moving Mom…the Next Step Who Wants Your Treasures?
Last week I had dinner with a friend who mentioned she wants to sell her home and move into something more manageable.  We are now starting to look for a down-sized, one level simpler home with less upkeep.  
When she contemplates a move, however, she says she does not know what furniture to keep and where to start.  This is the most common concern I hear.

Finding Balance: Creating Functional Family Living Spaces
Let’s face it - life is busy. And one of the byproducts of a busy life is a cluttered house. With piles of paper coming home from school and toys creating obstacle courses in the family room, parents may wonder how they’ll ever take back control of the house. A few experts share their ideas for doing just that.

Hook a Higher Price for your Home
As I often say, the sole objective for listing your home, is to sell it and attend a successful closing. I know it is repetitive, but I will always suggest that you use a local REALTOR®, as real estate transactions in today’s day and age are more and more complicated. Chances are when you receive an offer for your home it will be less than the asking price.

Turn your Backyard into a Summer Oasis
The smell of fresh-cut grass, the cascade of blooming flowers, and the laughter from outdoor entertaining are a few of summer’s favorite moments. With the warm weather in full bloom, you may be looking for easy do-it-yourself projects to spruce up your backyard before the guests arrive.

Moving Mom…the Next Step Creating a Peaceful Paradise
When I bought my house, I had not yet seen the inside. I was so in love with the land, outdoor rooms, flowers, birds and pond, that I made an offer contingent on seeing the inside. I looked in the windows, but it was not until later that I actually viewed the interior.

Safety: List your Home with a Licensed Realtor®
For the past several years I have been diligently writing articles for the Savannah Morning News. Over these years I have advocated the use of real estate professionals for countless reasons, especially with the new complexity of real estate contracts, and in general, the whole process from listing a home to attending a successful closing.

Walking the Walk Boomers and active adults selected walking paths as the most desirable lifestyle amenity
Telling someone to “take a hike” may seem like an impolite thing to say, but according to compelling new data obtained from the National Association of Realtors, the National Association of Homebuilders and an independent 6,000-person, age-qualified national survey, Boomers and active adults selected walking paths as the most desirable lifestyle amenity.

Dispelling Six Common Lawn Care Myths
The lawn is the backdrop to the home and essential to curb appeal. While keeping a healthy lawn may seem straightforward (mow, water, fertilize, etc.), don’t be fooled by some common lawn care myths. Myth #1: All grass is created equal.

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